Why The French Idler?

There is a word in French “flâner” that I have always loved and found appropriate to my way of being.

Sitting down at a cafe and watching the world go by, simply letting my mind wander and recreate my surroundings, go for a stroll without any real aim  just for the pleasure of seeing the beauty around me.

Well,  when I decided that I wanted to share things with you and was looking for a name, the word “idle” first came up as a translation for “flâner”. Although I had never used it before  it now feels like an old friend.

I was born in France, grew up in the South West near Bordeaux where I also went to university. At the end of my studies I won a scholarship to study in Japan. Lived through the Kobe earthquake, it scarred my heart for a long time, started working there, met my Australian husband. Then moved to Sydney. Fell pregnant. Followed an urge to go back to France. Convinced my husband. Had three kids. Always worked for Japanese clients. Made my way back to Australia, husband convinced again, kids happy to follow.

Through the whole process met amazing people, mastered different languages and felt grateful for every single adventurous or crazy choice as they always turned out well.

I am still a consultant, helping my Japanese clients create and sustain a relationship with their suppliers from Europe. As a good idler, I love trying, I listen but only follow my path or what feels like it anyway.

I eat and feed my family well because I believe our health starts in our plate. I grew up with a mother and a grand-mother who were amazing cooks and fabulous hostesses. Everything always tasted delicious and looked amazing, I learnt a lot watching and helping and have developed my own style. It is what I want to share with you, how you can make your family and friends happy with delicious French inspired recipes.

My cup will always be half full, I will always idle, I will keep saying or doing what feels right and I will keep loving.