Ah the quest for happiness…

We hear so much about it and social media seem to be a carrier for such a finality. But what about just take it as it comes, why not just enjoy these little moments where we feel joy and serenity everyday, day after day. Aren’t they the door to us feeling fulfilled and stronger to deal with difficulties as they come as well.

I think it comes to me more easily now that I still have half of my life ahead of me instead of when I was young and not too sure about what it would bring. I still don’t know what it will be made of and have a lot of adventures I’d love to live but I feel stronger and more prepared I suppose.

I have many little happinesses like cuddling the ones I love, chatting with the ladies at my gym, going for a walk, moving furniture around my house or creating a new design for my porcelain business but one of my favourite little happiness is when I cook for my family, it is a way for me of giving them love, thinking of their health of course but mostly about the pleasure they will take eating their meal. I would love for them once adults to also remember their family life as a yummy and tasty journey.

What about you? What are these little happinesses that give you joy day after day?

With love,


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