I am always very surprised when people tell me “what do you do with fennel?” We used to have some regularly when I was a kid. Cooked or raw, I absolutely love it.

But in summer my preference is raw in a salad. Easy to accomodate, this is only an example for you to try.

Slice thinly your fennel bulb, add some tomatoes and avocado. You already have a good source of fibres, vitamins and antioxydants.

Add walnut and some slightly toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds (2 minutes in a dry frypan to bring their flavours out).  They have plenty of health benefits : vitamins, minerals and good fats, but I like them because they add taste and texture to salads.

Marinate some sliced shallots in apple cider vinegar to soften for 10-15 minutes, pour both vinegar and shallots in your salad.

And finish with some soft goat cheese and good quality olive oil.

You will be surprised by the different textures in this healthy, quickly ready meal. Gluten and dairy free it will leave you satiated and happy for a while.


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