While all my family in France seem to be struggling with snow, cold and lack of sun, here in Brisbane it still is full summer ; and by that I mean more than 30 degrees, very humid and full sun days after days. Don’t get me wrong I am certainly not complaining but… let’s say I rather our Queensland’s winter or spring or autumn.

Leaving in a convenient suburb my children are all able to get themselves to school (another great advantage about living in this part of the world I find). It does involve some walking and public transport, so at the moment, when they get home in the afternoon they all beg for something very refreshing.

I often make simple fruits sorbet – only frozen fruits and egg white – thanks to my Thermomix (makes best sorbets ever). But today I wanted to “bulk” my ice blocks a bit more. So I mixed all together in a blender

  • 500 ml of almond and coconut milk ( I like the organic “Nutty Bruce” range)
  • 2 tbs of homemade almond butter
  • 3 tbs of chia seeds
  • 100 ml of 100% pomegranate juice
  • 1 banana
  • 125g raspberries fresh or frozen
  • 125g of blackberries fresh or frozen
  • a whole slice of watermelon

All I had to do then, is pour the mixture in ice block moulds and put in the freezer, ready for this afternoon.

This is gentle on your gut and full of antioxydants and vit C.

Fruits are always best eaten whole as you get fibres together with the natural fructose and the vitamins, but now and then mixing them in with good wholesome ingredients is fine.

And honestly what’s best than licking on an ice block after a day of school….



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