When the weather gets really hot like now in Brisbane, where we have another heatwave, my legs seem to want to store water and don’t feel great. The good news is that  by integrating some good draining foods in our meals, that heavy feeling can be greatly diminished.

For lunch today I steamed asparagus and leeks and served them with good quality (first cold pressed) olive oil, some apple cider vinegar and pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

But black radishes, cucumbers or fennel are great as well served as a fresh salad. You can steam artichokes and bake sliced eggplants alone before serving them with oil and vinegar or tahini for example.

Green tea and pineapple have the same great virtues.

These will certainly help you go through hotter times and on the top of their diuretic benefits they are also great for your gut. What more?…

Have a great weekend!

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