Here in Australia, berries are in season, affordable at the moment, let’s make the most of them. Not only are they full of antioxydants but their tanins also make them great for our guts.

I made this simple crumble last night and posted it straight out of the oven on Instagram. I promised I would share its easy recipe, here it is!

For five 10cm wide ramekins :

Divide between the 5 ramekins 375g of blueberries, 125g of raspberries.

Make a crumble with 100g of macadamias, 100g of almonds, 15g of cocoa nibs and 3 tbsp of coconut oil and why not some cinnamon. I made it in my turbo chef from Tupperware, a great little handy tool around the kitchen. Spread the crumble over the 5 ramekins and bake at 180ºC until the crumble goldens and the fruits start bubbling!

Let it cool down a little and enjoy, completely guilt free 😉

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