Two frogs were strolling along a pond when they got attracted by light in a farm near by. They entered the farm and discovered different jars and terracotta pots. They happily started jumping from one to another having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the canvas on the top of one jar, gave in under the weight and the frogs fell in a pot of cream. The sides of the jar were smooth and they couldn’t get back up. As they were swimming to survive one of the frogs said : – we won’t get anywhere fighting like this, I don’t see any way out…  The other frog replied : – come on, hang on and keep swimming, we’ve never heard of a frog dying in a pot of cream. The first frog : – I can’t anymore, I give up… she drowned. Really sad the remaining frog kept swimming. She was exhausted and knew that she couldn’t hang much longer but full of optimism she kept swimming. This is when she started feeling something hard under her legs. The cream had become butter and she was able to escape!


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