This might be something some of you already do, at some point in your life you all would definitely have heard about it.

I have to admit it isn’t something I have always done. Oh yes sure, ever since I can remember I have been projecting myself into different places, cultures and wondered what life could be like as Sheherazade, Karen Blixen or an eskimo… But I never really had a big picture of my life. And probably even less after the earthquake I went through, which condamned me for quite a while to live everyday like if it was the last and don’t get me wrong, that was fun!

Probably having children and feeling the responsbility and the strong desire to raise happy, open-minded and healthy kids made me feel somehow, that I should start thinking about where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and why so. I have learnt that setting myself goals helps me focus, get through things that aren’t always joyous, and brings me the excitement that comes with expectation.

Now there are many ways of setting goals. One of them, we are all so good at this one, is throwing in the air…”one day I will see the Taj Mahal”… “one day I will have enough money that I can spend my days freely”… “one day I will be fit”… “one day I will learn how to draw”… You see what I am getting at, don’t you? Well, I don’t think it works that way, goal setting is a bit harder than that.

Many years ago while I was still a student in Japan, I met a very dear friend of mine. She had on her wall a huge panel with photos of what she wanted, they were more material things like car, house, bag and so on but I thought how cool to be focusing and reminded everyday of why we do things. Well, my journal is a bit like that and recently I have been focusing on it even more as I see my kids grow and start imagining what life will be without them. Well, it looks really exciting I must say. I think for whoever has a fear of that moment, goal setting is a great approach, but more generally speaking, it brings us hope, exhilaration and assists us in accomplishing.

Try thinking deeply about what you have now in your life and what you would like to have tomorrow, in 2 years, in 5 years or even in 10 years or more. Try to picture yourself in that life and think of everything and everyone it is made off. Then start writing it down. Like my gratitude journal, I have my goal journal. I add to it, change things now and then, get so excited when one of my goals happens and that is what I truly think it is about : getting a momentum, enjoying that release of dopamine that comes with achievement.

So get yourself a nice notebook, the bigger the better and start thinking of material things you want (5). Don’t limit yourself with today’s circumstances, it is not about what you can afford now but what you could afford in 6 months, 2 years or more. I recommend material things first because I think it is easier. Answer the following :

What? a very detailed description, model, colour, type…

When? specifically set a timeframe and

Why? what will you do with it, what will it bring…

Then write it down next to the photo or drawing of each of these objects of your desire. It might be a bit tricky to start with, but you’ll see, if you ask yourself the right questions, it will become clearer.

Next, do the same with life goals and then again don’t write down you want to become an astronaut if you have heavy myopia and a sore back, but don’t restrict yourself either,  step out of your comfort zone, dream big to achieve big! Your shorter goals should of course, be more reachable as they will get you going.

Think and elaborate a strategy that will allow you to attain your success, there are many mentors available nowadays if you feel you need one. Keep dreaming, keep focusing and take care of your new journal.

With love,


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