How do you wake up in the morning?

Slowly with the sunlight gently getting into your room, softly with a cuddle, peacefully with the sounds of nature or… suddenly with an alarm clock which is heard by the whole house or one which wasn’t heard and the sudden realisation that you are running late?Have you noticed how the way we wake up influences the mood of our day.

How many of us leave the house in the morning stressed out because of being late, anxious about an appointment, worried about too much work at the office, the kids not as helpful as wished… and I am sure you can come up with more.

We all have at some point experienced this, for some of us it has even become a recurring pattern.

Does that mean it cannot be changed? Of course not.

Wouldn’t we all love dropping the kids at school on time and with a gentle kiss, seeing our older, independent children leave the house with everything needed for the day, getting to work ready to climb mountains and feeling relaxed about the smoothly accomplished first part of the day.

Here are a few tips to stay calm and relaxed in the morning

  • Get up earlier. Put your alarm clock a bit earlier so you give yourself more time to achieve what needs to be done. Have a think about what needs doing, how long it usually takes and add an extra 2o-30 minutes.
  • Get the kids to prepare school, activity bags and clothes the night before so there is no need to look for a clean, ironed uniform at the last minute.
  • Kids can have their shower in the evening, so it is one less thing to worry about in the morning.
  •  We can also pick our outfit in the evening especially if we are going to have a special appointment, we all know how trying to pick clothes at the last minute, when stressed, can be hectic and also that feeling when although our dressing is full we just haven’t got anything to wear!!!
  • I know some of my friends have lunchboxes ready in the evening, maybe that could help you too.

I must say I am happy to get up earlier and get a head start before the house comes alive. We have a soft gentle alarm clock and I give myself 5 minutes in bed after it rings to gently wake up and think about something positive that is happening on the day. Please don’t wake up thinking about the million things you need to achieve that day, focus on your lunchbreak meeting a friend, that yoga class in the evening, if you are at home your coffee or tea break with a magazine and then jump in the shower or have your coffee, whatever works best for you.

You will find that having enough time to achieve what needs doing in the morning will leave you calm and gentler with the kids which obviously will release any anxiety that can be brought by rushed mornings.

If you have little ones, customize a wall clock in your kitchen by, for example, using animal stickers at some particular times. A zebra when it is time to leave the breakfast table, a lion when shoes need to be put on and bags at the door and a jaguar when it is time to leave the house… Let them know it is lion time soon….

And remember to be gentle on yourself, you are pretty amazing!


The relaxing view I grew up with - 
Barbaste South West of France 

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