I was given 2 small butternut pumpkins the other day and I decided to cook them last night. They usually are always available here even if as a French I consider them more as autumn veggies.

I cut each of them in half lengthways. I then steamed them with the skin on for about 40 minutes so the inside becomes nice and soft. You might do that in a steamer, a steam oven or over a saucepan. I have a Thermomix TM31 and steamed them in it on Varoma speed 1.

Once the steaming was finished I removed the inside of each half, keeping enough in the pumpkin skin so it would stay strong enough to hold the puree again later. I then mixed that inside my Thermomix at speed 4 for a minute with 50g of thickened cream and a bit of salt, but you can use coconut cream if you are dairy free. If you don’t have a thermomix just mix it in a food processor or with a stick mixer or a masher.

I had previously mixed 60g of hazelnuts, 60g of walnuts and 40g of raisins with some parsley on speed 5 for 3 seconds or enough to break them in smaller pieces without making them too fine. Again you can do that with a mixer or the Tupperware turbochef which is a great little tool.

Then all I did was put the puree back in the butternut skin and spread my mixed nuts over and it was ready to eat. Simple, wholesome and tasty. You could also add to the puree cumin and curry powders for a bit more exoticism, that would probably be good with the coconut cream.

Have a go and let me know!


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