Groceries! I am not sure too many of us enjoy that duty… I used to love to go to the market back in France, I would just walk from home with my groovy black and white grocery caddie, it was spacious and could fit so much, walking back wasn’t a struggle at all. I would go and see the same producers I trusted every week, get my vegetables, fruits, cheeses and sausages from the market, a bit of meat from the butcher, some fish from the fishshop and lastly some bread from the baker. Of course I’d meet people I know and because I am a good chatter it did take a bit longer than just a shop at the supermarket but how fun that was!

I don’t go to the market anymore as I haven’t found one convenient, but I am lucky that at the bottom of my street two young organic farmers are battling bugs and heat to produce delicious and tasty fruits and veggies. I haven’t been using my caddie but I will have to consider that again since I have brought it over from France, although I must say that when it feels like 35ºC outside it seems too much of a challenge for me…..

All around the world it seems that the less wealthy people eat the worst quality food. Would that mean that good quality food costs more than cheap industrial food? I don’t think so. Unless of course you pick an orange in the middle of summer or a mango in the middle of winter. I am sure you know what I mean. If you go to a supermarket, fruits and vegetables are pretty much the same all around the year, their prices vary tremendously though whether they are in or out of season. Education might be the problem not everyone realises the benefits of good food against industrialised snacks or fastfood. And maybe the media by trying to sell what they call superfoods at very expensive prices also helped in sending the message that good food was expensive. Good food doesn’t have to be superfood. Good food is about freshness and as little transformation as possible. Make a fruit salad or platter for dessert and it will become a great treat. Cook your vegetables a little and they will be easier to digest and add taste to your meat, fish or eggs. We don’t need enormous pieces of meat. Add more veggies and lower your budget… Solutions are endless.

le-marche-de-la-creation-paris-peinture-saint-gemain-des-pres-grand-hotel-francaisBut here are 8 tips that I think can help us all save a little

  • buy produce in season, they are at their lowest price but also best taste
  • always have basics, carrots, lettuce, sweet potatoes…
  • when purchasing buy at different levels of maturity so nothing goes rotten
  • if you can go directly to a producer, it is the best! Real freshness at a better price.
  • Don’t hesitate to buy frozen fruits and veggies, they are usually harvested at maturity and the freezing process keeps their nutritious qualities. Berries are a great example.
  • If you shop early in the week, use your freshest food then and keep the frozen or canned food for the end until your next shop.
  • don’t throw food out. Fruits too ripe are perfect for a crumble or a fruit puree or even jam. Leftovers from dinner can be reused in lunchboxes the following day.
  • Prepare your weekly dinner menus and shopping list accordingly, so you buy just what you need and don’t risk to waste uneaten food.

I believe it all starts at home but also because initiatives around the world have proven that it works, education might be something that our government should think about. Show kids that they will feel better eating fresh foods, that they will grow stronger and live longer. Update our tuckshops, implement fun food classes at school and change the future of our nation!

With love,




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