This is often what my family has for breakfast.

  • 1 or 2 soft boiled eggs – ideally good quality eggs, organic or from your backyard
  • a bowl with :

a few natural nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts or almonds – 10 to 15

one whole season fruit cut in pieces – apple, banana, pear, kiwi, mango, pawpaw,  a few bluberries

15 to 20g of linen seeds that you can freshly grind or an LSA mix if easier

if you like it, a bit of powdered cinnamon on top

and for those of you that like a creamy feel add some unsweetened yogurth -ideally dairy free such as coconut, goat or soya

  • a slice of good quality bread – ideally gluten free such as buckwheat bread or even a homemade seeds bread. If really you do not feel like GF bread then spelt bread has a lower gluten content, but in any case I would recommend a whole grain bread which will have retained the vitamins from the envelop of the grains.
  • If you are a big fan of cereals for breakfast instead of the bread add some organic rolled oats or quinoa flakes (GF) to your bowl
  • top your bread slice with some almond spread (make sure all it contains is almonds) or if savoury appeals more to you, use some good quality butter, an organic one should ensure that the cow was grass fed only.
  • a cup of green tea

I will show you other alternatives as well but this is one of our favourites!

It gives us good fats (nuts, LSA – omega 3) which provide energy all day, the animal proteins (egg – lutein) help us synthetise dopamine which is great for waking up and maintaining motivation throughout the day but also gives a great feeling of being full. A whole fruit for its pleasurable taste and the fact that even if it contains natural sugars in a high level they come with vitamins and fibers which allow these sugars to get to our blood stream much more slowly than a juice even freshly squeezed.

I like to use cinnamon on top of fruits not only because it is recognised for its anti-oxydant and anti-inflammatory properties but also because it has a blood sugar level lowering effect and most importantly because I love it 😉

I have growing kids and a sporty husband so they enjoy a full breakfast, but if this seems a bit too much for some of you, remove the slice of bread, make sure though you keep the eggs and nuts.

Eggs are best in the morning when the enzyme to digest them is most present in our body. In the recent years eggs have been proven to be a great source of goodness even if eaten every day (1 or 2).

I choose green tea because it is full of antioxydants, wakes me up well and because my many years living in Japan left a “stamp” on me. A nice Japanese green tea made with a water at 80 degrees, which for me means boiling a jug of water and letting it rest a bit before I pour it over the tea leaves. And I have learnt not to infuse my green tea too long, a minute is plenty for me as it avoids any bitterness.

Try this breakfast and stop the 10am sugar blood level drop, keep concentrated and feeling well until lunch break!

Let me know how you have enjoyed it.

With love,



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