I am passionate about a few things, food is one of them.

Is it because my mother and my grandmother before her are and were amazing cooks? Probably.

Or maybe because what I eat makes me the way I feel? Most surely.

One certain thing is that I am not a food ayatollah, I am a food advocate. A good tasty food advocate.

I enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, inventing and challenging myself but I also love the presentation, making things look pretty. I like the little luxuries that fill my day. I find food a touch nicer if eaten in a pretty dish. I love the weight of silverware, the colours in a plate, the fineness and light weight of a teacup…

“Oh she is French!” …. Is that what you are thinking? Well, I am but I don’t fully believe that’s what it is.

A lot of us love being fashionable, wearing trendy clothes or carrying branded handbags,  I would lie if I said I didn’t like that…. but mostly I enjoy beautiful tableware and nice interiors.

Sometimes I get asked about my profile on Linkedin, I do mention food and because I have been a buyer for so many years not everyone sees the link. But every single one of us has a link with food. For some of us it is a loving respecting one, for others it involves a lot of suffering but we all have one, simply because food is a basic need.

Most of you would already know that the medical world is recognising the link between food and well being. By eating certain things over others we are feeling lighter, happier, more efficient and certainly more radiant and beautiful. I agree with this of course, how couldn’t I. But I feel that sometimes we forget that eating is also supposed to be a pleasurable moment when we challenge our taste buds, enjoy the variety, take time to savour. Do you remember that special dessert your grand mother used to make or that dish you had as a child on certain days and just thinking of it makes you salivate.

Well I believe that we can achieve it all, healthy, tasty and exciting.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that we have fed our family the breakfast that will give them the concentration they need at school or at work ; the fuel necessary to produce the right amount of energy to deal with their day ; that their lunchbox is full of goodness but also exciting ; that around the dining table we all enjoy a variety of renewed dishes?

Keep following me for more tips on this.



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