It has been a while since my last post…. At the end of last year I decided with my business partner to close a venture that we had started together 3 years ago ATELIER CONFIDENTIEL.

She had left Australia and it didn’t feel right to keep going on by myself even if the possibility was there as the business had been flourishing. It just didn’t feel ME, it is hard to explain but I am sure most of you will understand.

I wanted to be throwing myself into something which would reflect truly who I am and what I want to bring to you. That is why I started THE FRENCH IDLER, it reflects my thoughts, my beliefs or disbeliefs and is my little treat as I enjoy putting words together even in a foreign language.

But what I am trying to say is “No! I haven’t given up on my blog”, I have just taken a break from social medias to be fully with my children during their holidays. To spend quality time with them and my husband, to treat them with good healthy and inventive food (most of the time 😉 ) and to have a lot of fun (sometimes less fun like leeches encounter in Mount Glorious).

And we did.

I feel ready for a new year and saw my now big kiddies head off to school with, I have to admit, a “little” sense of relief at the free time opening for myself!!!

Are you with me?


And for those of you who missed my New Year note on FB and Instagram, I am sharing it again here with you:

“I don’t want to start 2017 with new resolutions.

I want to start this year peacefully, appreciate every single thing I have, the love that surrounds me, be happy with myself the way I am, embrace my highs but also my lows, look toward this new year with an open heart, ready to seize opportunities whatever they might be. Let’s be gentle on ourselves and let that gentleness ripple around us to eventually form big waves.”

#bestwishes #gentle #kind #grateful #lovemyself #love #peace #relax #newyear #noresolution #thefrenchidler


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