Friday has that special feel of something being achieved and something better yet to come.

Here in Australia, at work you can dress casual, it is often the day a business might choose to take their staff out for lunch or for drinks in the afternoon.

The kids leave home with that light hearted mood, yeah the weekend is almost here.

We all love Friday, the anticipation day. Well it is the day I have chosen to show you a recipe that I think you might like to try over the weekend. I will endeavour to do this on a regular basis and would love to hear back from those of you who have tried.

They are all my own recipes or my own adaptation of a French recipe. Give them a try for something a little different.

Today I have made a cake that I will call  “Peaches and Blueberries Cake Crumble”. Because we are a gluten free family, I used a premixed gluten free flour. I also used coconut sugar, I like its caramel like taste and it is a touch better than real sugar and much more sustainable. But you can swap the GF flour for a normal one, although I strongly believe that if we were all trying to reduce our gluten intake we would see our health greatly improve. You can also replace the coconut sugar by regular sugar for the base and raw sugar for the crumble. I like to make my crumble with crushed almonds or hazelnuts.

It is a simple and quick cake to make (less than 20 mins) but I love how while cooking, the juice from the fruits spreads through the base for a melty bottom and a crusty top with the crumble.





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