My daughter and I are huge fans of blueberries, it is feast time at home at the moment as they are in full season and a bit more affordable.

But do you know how good they really are?

They are full of vegetal antioxydants called anthocyanins. These are great for nocturnal vision (just in case you had planned for some night excursion ;-), they lower your blood sugar level, help with your arterial health and longevity in general and if you eat some everyday, you will see your concentration and memorisation capacity improve. It is also believed that they help slow down the development of cancer cells.

Wild blueberries are best, but they don’t grow in Australia. If you ever find frozen ones give them a try, you will be surprised that their inside colour is dark as well.

Australian blueberries are absolutely great for lunch boxes, tasty, easy to eat and they will help our kids perform.

So what are you waiting for…

Tip: When the season ends you can still purchase some frozen ones, just check the origin. The freezing process seems not to affect their properties.

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2 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Hi there! I’m from the state of Maine. We have a huge blueberry industry here. My brother used to work in the fields and would come home, completely blue! Loved your post!


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