Now and then I will share with you little stories to lift you up.

– One day, the father of a very rich family, decides to take his son to the country side so he could see how poor people live. They spend a few days in the farm of a family that doesn’t have very much to spare.

On the way back the father asks the son:

-“Did you have a nice stay?

– Oh Dad, it was awesome!

– Did you see how poor people live?

– Oh yes I did.

– So tell me, what did you learn?”

The son replies ” I saw that we have only one dog when they have four. We have a pool that takes half of our yard, they have a big dam. We have lanterns in our garden, they have millions of stars in the sky. We have a great deck at the front of our house but they have the horizon. We have a property but they have never ending fields. We have servants but they serve others. We go to the supermarket, they produce their food. We have walls around our property to protect ourselves, they have friends to protect them.”

The father doesn’t know what to say. The son adds “Thank you Dad for showing me all that we don’t have”.

Remember to be grateful, what might not be much for us is probably a treasure for others 😉

With Love,


credit photo WallpapersXL

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