How we see things actually changes the way we feel about them. How we are such wonderful creatures that we can, to an unknown extent, control what happens to us and certainly our emotional state. Years ago I started writing down positive thoughts and loved the instant release of stress it would give me. From there it was only one step to think that if I was to do this everyday then I could change the way I saw things and cope much better with unexpected, not always “good” happenings.

Well, I did it, I started finding 5-10 minutes everyday to write down in a nice and simple no lines notebook, what I was grateful for. Being grateful is certainly not complicated and I agree that some days we might feel more inspired than others but these bad days it becomes even more purposeful to write down things that make us feel good. A cuddle, a sunny day, beautiful flowers, a child’s smile, that friend you had a coffee with, your home which feels comfortable, something which happened at work… so many things we can certainly be grateful for. While you are doing this focus on these thoughts, don’t let the bad ones come to your mind. I can now easily find 10 most days ;-), but you can start with only a few, just remember it doesn’t have to be amazing or huge it needs to be something that makes you feel good.

And why not make it your special time, make yourself a tea or a coffee with a little treat if you feel like it, sit comfortably with your special notebook and decide that the next 15 minutes are only going to be about you. Don’t let anyone distract you, this is why the timing will probably be different for everyone. And if one day you forget, don’t worry, you probably will have more things to write the following day 😉

Notebooks that I like

The Gratitude journal from KIKI-K colourful and playful ; has a lot of nice notebooks a bit more classic certainly very chic and my all time favourite has to be a Clairefontaine notebook, such a nice feel to write on that quality of paper Officeworks stock a few of them, otherwise get them in Paris next time you are there!

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being Grateful

  1. Il est certain que si tout le monde était dans la gratitude le monde irait beaucoup mieux, mais il y a tellement de choses que l’on ignore ou que l’on veut ignorer, j’ai connu la gratitude par Louise Gervais il’y a quelques années et j’essaie de la mettre en pratique le plus souvent possible . Belle journée à tous.


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